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JBS General Painting provides a painting service to any customer in Everett, MA who requires it! If you are looking to repaint the inside of your home or change the color palette on the exterior, allow us to show you everything we’ve learned since 2016, when we launched the company. But our experience comes from way before that, and when we share all we know with each other, we become unstoppable. It’s one thing to talk about being great at something, it’s quite another to be what you say, and we can guarantee that our actions speak way louder than our words, and countless customers have already seen that first hand!

Painting Service

Painting Service

How We Like To Proceed

All of our employees will work on residential and commercial properties, and no space could pose a challenge because, at the company, we constantly replenish our knowledge and skills. An interior painter should be able to take off the old paint, prepare for the new project and enrich your walls with smooth, deep colors that will make your property stand out among all the rest. Whether you have requested us for the exterior or the interior, we can guarantee that our methodical and meticulous process will not falter!

What We Believe InĀ 

We believe that a painting service should entail everything from stripping down the old, chipped color, prepping the surfaces and getting to work or covering the walls, start to finish, with the most beautiful color, applied smoothly and evenly. The entire process needs professionalism and a determined work attitude! If our customers are happy in the end, that’s all we want to see. If they slide their hands against the new paint once it’s dry and their hand glides, that means we were able to apply yet again a perfectly smooth coat!

Call JBS General Painting at (617) 249-6754 if you wake up one day and decide it’s time to get rid of the old dull paint and put on something colorful, full of life, and stunning on the walls of your property! For anyone residing in the Everett, MA area, we’d love to provide you with an interior painter who will blow your mind! The color schemes we can help you decide from are just what you need!

Services List

  • Interior Painting
  • Exterior Painting
  • Drywall Service
  • Carpentry Finish
  • Plastering
  • House Cleaning
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