Exterior Home Painting Testing Tips

How to Sample and Evaluate Exterior Paint Colors Before Committing

Picking the perfect paint color for your home’s exterior isn’t easy. One wrong choice, and you’re stuck with an eyesore for years. But don’t worry, there’s a way to avoid this pitfall. By sampling and evaluating paint colors before you make the final decision, you’re more likely to find the perfect match. So, let’s go through the exterior home painting process of paint testing to make sure your home looks just as you dreamt it would.

Small Swatches First

Get those color samples from the store and test them in small areas first. The way a color looks in the store may differ at home. Check the swatch in different lighting conditions. This is the first step toward avoiding major blunders.

Invest in Sample Pots

Yes, spending on small sample pots is money well spent. Use them to paint larger patches in inconspicuous areas. Check the sample spots in morning, afternoon, and evening light. Make sure you’re happy with how it looks throughout the day.

bserve Under Natural Light

Artificial lights can distort the true hue. So always check how the paint looks in natural daylight. Even the weather plays a role. Sunny, cloudy, rainy—every condition reveals a different facet of your chosen color.

Consult the Neighbors

Well, not literally, unless you want to. Take a look at other homes in your area. See what colors they have gone for. This gives you a sense of what fits in and stands out like a sore thumb.

Mind the Details

Don’t forget about the trim, doors, and other architectural details. A color that complements both the more extensive exterior and the smaller accents is a win-win. Always coordinate for the best overall look.

Live With It

Before making that final decision, live with the sample colors for a week or two. How you feel about a color can change over time. Make sure the initial love for the hue doesn’t turn into future regret.

By taking these steps, you ensure that the color you finally choose meets all your requirements and matches your home’s style, surroundings, and personal taste. Say goodbye to post-paint regrets and hello to a home that not only looks good but feels just right.

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